City of Marietta

Operations Division


801 N. Brentwood Street
Marietta, OK 73448
phone: (580) 276-9771
fax: (580) 276-5804

Residential Garbage Collection
The Operations Division collects household trash on a biweekly basis from residences within the Marietta city limits.  Residents living south of Main Street are scheduled for collection on Monday and Thursday; garbage from residents living north of Main Street is collected on Tuesday and Friday.  In the event of a City holiday, garbage collection for the entire City will be conducted on the next business day.  Residents should place trash at the curb no sooner than 12:00 AM on the day of garbage collection.  All garbage must be bagged; loose refuse in a trash bin will not be collected.
Transfer Site
Bulk garbage and refuse is accepted at the Transfer Site, located at 801 N. Brentwood Avenue, at a rate of $80 per ton.
Commercial Garbage Collection
The Operations Division collects commercial garbage Monday through Friday according to the service plan selected.  It is the responsibility of the commercial customer to ensure that the dumpster is unlocked and accessible on the day of the scheduled collection.
Charges for residential and commercial garbage collection appears on the monthly statement from the Marietta Public Works Authority.