City of Marietta

Operations Division


101 W. Main Street
Marietta, OK 73448
phone: (580) 276-2766
fax: (580) 276-5804
All work and/or repairs conducted by a private person and headstone/monument installations must be pre-approved by the Director of Operations.
Through the Operations Division, the City maintains a park for leisure and recreational activity in each ward of the City.  Shellenberger Park, the City's largest park, is located in the Northwest Ward, Charles McCarroll Park is located in the Northeast Ward, and Memorial Park and Bradley Park are located in the Southwest Ward and Southeast Ward, respectively.  All City parks and cemeteries open at sunrise and close at sunset.
The Operations Division is responsible for maintenance and interment at Lakeview Cemetery and Prarieview Cemetery, which are owned and operated by the City of Marietta.