City of Marietta

Police Department


The Code Enforcement Officers is responsible for the enforcement of environmental ordinances enacted by the Marietta City Council.
When a violation (i.e. tall grass, trash, debris, junk, inoperable vehicle, and/or dilapidated building) is observed or reported, the Code Enforcement Officer investigates the complaint.  Upon finding that a nuisance exists, the Code Enforcement Officer posts a notice of violation on the property and causes notice to be mailed to the owner of record as identified by the Love County Clerk. 
The owner of the property is given an opportunity to resolve the nuisance and bring the property into compliance with City Ordinance.  If the owner of the property fails to do so, the City will abate the nuisance by the use of private contractor, and may issue the owner of the property a citation for the violation.
The property owner is invoiced for the expenses incurred by the employment of the private contractor, plus a $100 administrative fee.  If the property owner fails to pay the invoiced amount within 30 days, the City will place a lien against the property.
If we may be of service to you, please contact us by phone at (580) 276-9371 (select option 4), or visit our office, located at 105 S. 3rd Avenue.
If you are interested in becoming a contractor for the City of Marietta, please review and complete the following forms and return to the Marietta Police Department.  The City of Marietta is an Equal Opportunity Employer.
105 S. 3rd Avenue
Marietta, OK 73448
phone: (580) 276-9371
fax: (580) 276-4629